Angus’s story

After starting to drink the DDW, my HRV after the first 5 days dropped on average and continued at the same level until the end of the trial.

I noticed that I felt less tired during the day whilst drinking the water, and was able to sleep easier at night with more consistency in my general energy levels, also. It was much easier to drink than normal water and seemed to hydrate me more quickly and significantly.

Jordi’s story

“Drinking two litres of HtoEau DDW daily is definitely affecting my health and fitness positively.

For the last 20 days I have been drinking the recommended two litres of HtoEau DDW 50ppm daily. After a couple of days, I started noticing the first improvements to my general energy balance during the day. Before drinking HtoEau DDW I used to have roughly three moments per day of suddenly feeling tired. Currently, I rarely experience any form of feeling tired during the day. In general, I feel fitter and more energised compared to before drinking HtoEau DDW daily.

Every day, I spend at least one hour doing strength training and in addition to this I walk at least 10.000 steps. What’s very noticeable is the efficiency in muscle recovery compared to before. Muscle pain is now only occuring after pushing myself to my limits, but no longer after a regular workout. When experiencing muscle pains, it tends to be of shorter duration compared to the pains I had before drinking HtoEau DDW. In general, I now experience a much better and more comfortable muscle recovery.

One of my physical goals is to achieve a lower fat percentage. HtoEau DDW is definitely improving the rate my body is burning fat. After measuring, the average increase in fat burn is roughly 30% compared to previous months. This, while maintaining the same intensity of workouts.

Personally I'm very happy with the current results. Therefore, I would recommend a 30-day HtoEau DDW course to anyone who is consciously trying to improve their health or sports performance. It can only be benificial and it's 100% natural.”

Inge’s story

“As a woman in her early fifties, with a healthy lifestyle and in the middle of menopause, my interest was piqued when deuterium-depleted water (DDW) came my way.

I didn't suffer much from hot flushes, but I did experience weight gain and intense night sweats. For me, following this course of treatment was interesting for this very reason.

What is the influence of HtoEau DDW on menopause symptoms?

In the second week of my monthly treatment, the night sweats gradually decreased. The following two weeks this even disappeared completely. Very nice! I now sleep through the night again. My weight has stagnated and is now dropping about 1 or 2 ounces a week. Every little bit helps, and I am especially happy that the weight gain has stopped.

I exercise several times a week, on a rowing machine. My stamina is better and I have increased my resistance twice in the past month. In addition, my energy levels have improved. I have an intensive job in education and now have energy to spare at the end of the day.

When nobody points it out to you, you don't realise what the influence of too much deuterium does to you. Even though I find it a complex matter, experiencing the positive effects on my body, mind and general wellbeing is significant to me, and I aim to do a cure every year.”